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It all began when my colleague told me that I should start a fashion blog and open an online jewelry store. Well… the thought of starting any business is a daunting task, but I was up for the challenge to make it happen- so I did! 

To some, I am known as “The Thrifter”- the one who shops at thrift and consignment stores and estate sales, searching for the perfect outfit and accessory to add to my extremely full closet and top dresser. I have a good eye for pairing accessories with an outfit that costs no more than $40—thanks to the shops in the D.C. metro area! The number of compliments that I receive from family, colleagues, and strangers are too plentiful! I guess my colleague’s insight into my fashion choices were on point after all. The idea of looking fabulous and well-put-together for less money has been my motto in life and the reason for establishing my online jewelry store. 

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Peace and blessings,

 Allyson, Founder of Red Mosaic 



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