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Our Story

It all began when my friend told me that I should start a jewelry business and fashion blog. Well… the thought of starting any business is a daunting task, but I was up for the challenge to make it happen- so I did! 

To some, I am known as “The Fashionista”- the one who shops at thrift and consignment stores and estate sales, searching for the perfect outfit and accessory to add to my extremely full closet and top dresser. I have a good eye for selecting accessories with any outfit. The number of compliments that I receive from family, colleagues, and strangers are too plentiful! I guess my friend’s insight into my fashion choices were on point after all, and the reason for establishing Red Mosaic.

With Red Mosaic, we sought to create an identity that would reflect the spirit of the modern-day woman through her love of jewelry and fashion. Our brand name represents passion, love, positive energy, and happiness- represented in a collection of sophisticated and chic jewelry. 

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